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How to create and configure LinkedIn API Settings for Real Estate theme

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How to configure API Settings for LinkedIn?

  1. Log into the LinkedIn Developer Center at: http://developer.linkedin.com/
  2. Click the “MY APS” link.
  3. Click the “Add New Application” link and fill in the following required fields:

Company Info

  1. Company – Choose to add an existing company or create a new company.

Application Info

  1. Application Name – Enter your application name, usually your site’s name.
  2. Description – A short description of your site
  3. Application Logo
  4. Application Use – Select a use for your application.
  5. Website URL – Home page URL where the integration will go live. This should end in a / (ex:http://www.mysite.com/)
  6. Business Email:
  7. Business Phone:

Check to agree the terms and click submit.


You will see following screen


“Copy client ID”

“And client secret”


and paste into following screen and you have configured LinkedIn API