Installation & Updates

Do you have any exact date for version upgrade?

No exact timeline for the arrival of new versions, as soon as any bug is reported, we release the new version. Also, functionality improvements / new features/compatibilities are released time to time.

Does this theme updates automatically?

Yes if you have configured auto update option in cs theme options then when ever theme has an update you will see a notification on your wp-admin dashboard. you will have to follow the instructions to update theme.
You can also get automatic updates using envato tool kit, all you need to do is configure its credentials and you will see a notice for update as well.

How do I install a WordPress for real estate Theme.

If you are not able to install the WordPress for your theme so that follow the official WordPress Codex.

How do I install the Homevilla RealEstate Theme?

To Install the theme from your WordPress dashboard. Navigate Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes >> Add New Theme >> Upload Homevilla RealEstate Theme (.zip format)

How to locate My Current Theme Version?

It’s very important to keep your theme up to date for bug and security fixes and to receive new features. Always check the changelog to see if the latest version of the theme available for purchase/download. To find out what your current version is you can do so in your WordPress dashboard under Appearance > Themes.

I activated my new theme and it doesn’t look like the demo. What’s up with this??

Follow the steps to make your site same as our live demo
1. Theme installation
2. Plugin’s installation
3. Import demo data Navigate ( Appearance > import demo data).

What is Child theme and how can I create it?

A child theme is how WordPress help you add custom code or customization to a “parent” theme without truly modifying parent theme. We suggest everyone use a child theme when setting up their site to avoid any potential loss while theme version update. Please follow the link given below, in this way you can create child theme & modify it as per your requirement.