General Questions

Are employer allowed to post via XML or email?

No, employer cannot post via XML.

Can candidate add multiple resumes?

No, Candidate can only add 1 CV / Resume at a time.

Can candidates upload real .doc / .pdf resumes to their online resume page?

Yes, candidate can upload their resumes in .doc / .pdf.

Can employer contact candidates which apply for a job?

Yes, employer can contact candidate via Contact form on his detail page. You can see example here at following link;

Can employer select multiple locations (cities, provinces, etc.) during add new job post?

Multiple location system is not available currently. I have noted your valued suggestion and we will integrate it in future if possible.

Can employer upload images during add new job post?

Images options is not available. However, employer can add cover letter and profile photo.

Can I create more than 1 company with 1 account (employer)?

The desired functionality is not available in our theme.

Can I create my resume in different languages?

Yes, using WPML you can translate the resume fields like qualifications, portfolio etc in any language of your choice, but user entered information i-e values will be only in 1 language.

Can I get everything shown in demo? Do I need to buy any plugin to make my site same like demo?

Yes, you can get everything demonstrated in demo except images which have copyright. All plugins are included in theme package; no external purchase is required with job career to set up the theme.

Can I hide the candidate profiles to the public?

Yes, you can hide candidate profile , We have given a switch in plugin settings under general options / other / candidate profile / ON / OFF.

Can I install it selected demo like the ” Jobstack ” demo?

Yes, you can import any demo of your choice from the given demos.

Can I make CV database stay visible only to Enterprise User prepaid plan?

Yes, if employer will buy the CV packages, CV will only be downloadable by purchaser.

Can I make search for jobs across the map?

Jobs can’t be searched on map, option is only available for candidates.

Can I move my site to JobCareer theme which is using WP Job Manager and have thousands of entries?

We offered migration of jobs only with indeed but we are working on migration with wp-job manger as an improvement. You will find in future updates. Currently, there is no such option of migration with wp-job manager.

Can I translation Job Career theme into my language

Yes, you can translation theme in any language of your choice.  A complete help guide for theme translation has been given in knowledge-base section. Also, once you buy theme, support team helps you translate theme as well.

Can the employer set their own profile cover banner? Currently, I only see “job career” cover banner on every employer profile?

Yes, Employer can set their profile by following the following path: Dashboard -> users -> Edit user -> Profile settings.

Can user who are not registered on the site access the job offers and employers’ & candidates’ pages?

Admin have the options to allow access to candidates profiles for free. Just go to candidate profile under Jobs / Settings / General options / Others / Candidate profile / Enabled this option. It makes all the parts of candidate page as public. No partial access option is available.

Can users protect their profile pages & CV’s with a password?

Password protected resume links are not possible, but there is an option of paid resume pages. If you turn candidate profile option ON, employer will have to pay to view candidate page and no one else will be able to view that page.

Can we build packages for job-seekers?

No, packages are only valid for employers.

Can we use one email / username for both employer and candidate?

No, it’s not possible to use one email/username for both employer and candidate.

Can Web Admin modify employer’s job post?

By default, admin can do anything with jobs

Can you recommend me Third party plugin for my needs?

Third party plugin can’t be recommended as official compatibility assurance is not provided with the theme so advised to use only recommended plugins along with the theme.

Can you take off the safety information box from the job page?

Yes, you can take off the safety information or you can change it also.

Custom Post Type 404 Error: Not found, not able to access detail pages?

You may experience problems with 404 errors for custom post types while viewing detail pages. To resolve try the following steps:

  1. Ensure that none of your Custom Post Types and single pages have the same name. If they do, rename the single page, including updating the slug as well.
  2. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Permalinks. Select the default permalinks. Save. Then reselect your preferred permalinks. This will flush the rewrite rules and will fix your problem.

Do I require more knowledge to add / remove fields in “Job Submit” and “Resume Submit” page?

Custom fields are already given to extend the Jobs / Resume fields. No additional knowledge is required to do so.

Do you have any exact date for version upgrade?

No hard timeline for arrival of new versions, as soon as any bug is reported, we release new version. Also, functionality improvements / new features / compatibilities are released time to time.

Do you have any plan for Job Career mobile apps?

We are not planning for mobile application so far.

Do you offer PSD’s for Job Career Theme

Yes, you need to buy the theme and create a support ticket. You will be provided PSDs.

Do you recommend any ad-manager plugin with the theme?

We do not recommend any third party plugin as Job Career theme is complete job management solution. There is no need to use any third party plugin

Do you use custom post types for all your entities? Resume, Companies etc

Yes, there is a user system for Resume & Companies. These are dynamic fields; you can add / delete any field you like

Does employer automatically receive an email notification when a jobseeker applied for the job?

Yes, Employer automatically receives an email notification when a candidate applies for a job. Candidate also receive an email notification in his registered email address.

Does Job Career Theme have Visual Composer and WordPress jobs Manger

No. Theme does not have Visual composer. Job Career Theme comes with custom build drag & Drop CS page builder. It is an easy to use page builder where you can easily set your site by dragging and dropping desired elements on desired pages.

Does Job Career theme provide support for adverts (e.g. google AdSense)?

Yes, you can embed Google AdSense code in Ads Unit settings. These setting are offered with theme for banners.

Does payment system accept “coupon number” to discount?

Yes, you can manage discounts from the selected payment system you would use on theme

Does recruiter have the possibility to download resume (.doc .pdf)?

Yes, with the purchased CV packages, they can view / download resume.

Does this theme has a function which allow Web Admin to approve jobs posted by employers?

Yes, we have given a switch to enable auto-posting. If the switch is OFF, all job will be pending for admin approval.

Does this theme support “Bank Transfer” payment method?

Yes, JobCareer theme have bank payment method. Upon successful job posting at confirmation page, it will show bank details. You can try this on our live demo as well.

Does this theme updates automatically?

Yes if you have configured auto update option in cs theme options then when ever theme has an update you will see a notification on your wp-admin will have to follow the instructions to update theme.

You can also get automatic updates using envato tool kit, all you need to do is configure its credentials and you will see a notice for update as well.

Facing php error while Uploading theme via ftp?

You may face this issue because of your ftp configurations, which had minified code. Please make sure the following before you upload your theme via FTP.Settings for FileZilla FTP client Click Edit >> Setting In settings pop up. Look for Transfers >> File types >> Auto will be selected. Change it to Binary After this settings upload your theme it will work for you.

How can I import country & job category database record name in bulk? I do not want to import one by one?

Both countries and categories are taxonomies. You can add them to your database via using any taxonomies importer.

How can I set company as featured? There is a widget featured company, how does it work?

There is no such option available in our theme to make company as featured. You need to do customization in the theme to achieve this functionality.

How can I update theme? Where are the wp-jobhunt and other plugins folders?

You need to download complete latest package from your themeforest account and then follow the following procedure;

  1. Maintain complete backup of your site and database before theme update in order to avoid any potential data loss.
  2. Go to themeforest download dashboard, select “Download all Files”, get the latest updated files.
  3. Deactivate the previous theme version from WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Deactivate Theme.

The best way to update theme is updating via FTP.

Step 1: Open your FTP client and Connect to your ftp host.

Step 2: Navigate to your site root folder names “Public_html” and then to wp-content / themes (for uploading Jobcareer theme ) and to wp-content / plugins to upload wp-jobhunt & cs framework )

Step 3: In left side navigate to latest theme package extract it and and look for folder name JobCareer and drag to wp-content/themes and to Install latest plugin navigate to following directory path JobCareer/backend/theme-components/ and see following zip files: and folders.

Extract them and upload them one by one to wp-content/ plugins.

How can we populate data to this theme?

You can populate data for theme via

  1. Theme installation:
  2. Plugin Installation:
  3. Importing Demo Data

How companies can “shortlist” candidate?

You can shortlist your candidates with the same element you use to create a candidate list.

How do I know which plugins are compatible with theme?

Only recommended plugins are compatible with our theme. When you install Job Career theme, you will see all plugins required to install for proper functioning of website. You can install all plugins directly from there.

How do I solve Warning “Cannot modify header information….”??

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at….) It is usually because there are spaces, new lines, or other stuff before an opening tag, typically in that specific php file. This could be true about some other file too, so please check the error message, as it will list the specific file name where the error happened. Remove spacing’s or replacing the faulty file with one from your most recent backup will surely fix your issue. < ?php tag or after a closing ?>

How Do I Update Included recommended Plugins?

JobCareer Theme includes several great plugins which greatly enrich the functionality of the theme. While these plugins could be placed inside the theme it’s much better to keep them as separate plugins. However, this means that plugins will have to be updated separately from the theme update. Note: Always check Change Log while theme update, don’t forget to update plugins as well. If any!

How do I update theme without losing customization’s?

Please go to theme forest download dashboard, select “Download all Files”, get the latest updated files.

You can either upload the from your downloads on Theme Forest after purchase or upload the unzipped theme files to your WordPress Themes folder over FTP.

Configure following FileZilla FTP client settings before uploading theme via ftp in order to avoid code minimization (WSOD) while theme upload.

  1. Click Edit >> Setting
  2. In settings pop up. Look for Transfers >> File types >> Auto will be selected.
  3. Change it to Binary

Note: Make sure you have maintained sufficient backup of your site and database with you before theme’s update.

How does a candidate save a search to set a job alert? Why it is not available on the demo site?

You can save your job searches by clicking on button “Email me job like these” and enter your email address. You will find your saved jobs searches. Demo does not allow this as it is a demo which does not have jobs from real employers.

How i can add job promotions on my site?

Visit Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

Use CS: Promotions widget to add job promotions on your site.

How to allow employer to register on site to access CVs for free?

If you want to allow users to buy CV Packages, switch the candidate profile button on from:

Jobs > Settings > Others > Candidate profile > ON

How to change Main menu background color?

To change main menu background color visit:

Dashboard > Appearance > CS Theme Options > General > Colors > Header > Navigation Background Color as per your requirement.

How to configure Mail chimp Widget?

To configure API settings for Mail chimp widget:

1. Login to your Mail Chimp Account.
2. From your Mail Chimp Dashboard > left sidebar click to Add Lists.
Go to Dashboard > Appearance > CS Theme options > API Settings > Mail chimp > Enter Mail Chimp Key and select List.

How to fix image upload issue, Media gallery images appears to be broken?

Issue is most commonly initiated by wrong file permissions. Your uploads directory should have correct file permissions otherwise WordPress will not be able to store your files in it or sometimes may not even display files from the upload directory. To set correct file permissions for your uploads directory, you would need a FTP client, like Filezilla. To resolve follow steps:

  1. Connect to your website using the FTP client and then go to /wp-content/ directory. There you will see /uploads/ folder.
  2. Right click on the uploads directory and select file permissions.
  3. Set file permissions for uploads directory itself and all the sub directories inside it to 744.
  4. Restart Filezilla will apply file permissions to the directories.

How to locate My Current Theme Version?

It’s very important to keep your theme up to date for bug and security fixes and to receive new features. Always check the changelog to see if latest version of the theme available for purchase/download. To find out what your current version is you can do so in your WordPress dashboard under Appearance > Themes.

How to reduce number of words in related articles excerpt length?

Articles excerpt length can be changed from WP-Admin / Appearance / Theme options / Sidebars / Default Excerpt Length (in words)

How to tackle White screen of death (WSOD) on theme activation?

If you see WSOD, on theme activation, following could be the possibilities: Your php version is below 5.3 or earlier, There can be some error while uploading theme via ftp. Any third party plugin may causing compatibility issues. Memory Exhaustion Mistaken changes in functions.php Solutions: Upgrade your php version above 5.4 Your ftp configurations could might be the reason to fix it, see FileZilla FTP client settings. If you are unable to access your dashboard, log in to your website via FTP. Locate the folder wp-content/plugins and rename the Plugin folder plugins_old. This will deactivate all of your Plugins. Increase your PHP memory limit by modifying the wp-config.php file. Simply add the following line:define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’); Revert to the original functions.php file to resolve.

I am Facing error in CS: Twitter widget ‘Please set API Key’?

You have to configure API settings for the Twitter widget:

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > CS Theme options > API Settings > Twitter > Enter API settings for twitter
Than visit: Widgets > CS: Twitter > Enter valid Username
Your tweets will appear on your site.

I cannot find the dummy slider import in the theme package?

Do not worry about slider dummy data. When you will import theme’s dummy data, slider will be imported automatically.

I do not seem to locate the Documentation for the Theme. Where I can find Documentation?

Once you purchase theme and download it from your Themeforest account, you will find Documentation in the downloaded package.

I want job seekers to create a free account and when they apply for a job, I charge them for a 1-year membership.

You need to customize wp-jobhunt plugin in order to integrate candidate’s subscription on to your site.

I would like to charge $20 to job seekers & to employers per year. Can I charge job seekers as well with your theme?

Subscription option is only available for employers.

No, candidate subscription is not available currently. We already considered it as valued suggestion to be part of theme in future.

I’ve Updated My Theme And All My Changes Are Gone?

The most likely cause is that you made manual changes to your template files such as the style.css file (usually). Then when you updated everything got overwritten with the default theme code. To avoid it follow suggestions.

  1. Maintain backup of your customization so you can be able to add and replace after update.
  2. Creating a child theme is perhaps the best technique of customizing your theme and will provide the greatest flexibility and even allow you to edit template files (besides just style.css), remove or add new scripts as well as add custom functions.
  3. Preserve Changelog – Whether you are editing the template files manually (best no to) or using a child theme, creating a changelog is a good way for you to keep track of all the twists you’ve made to the theme.

Importing job from other theme is available?

Importing job from other theme is not available yet. You can import jobs form “indeed”. For other themes, we are working on this system and it will soon be available.

In Employer dashboard, is multiple resumes selection available or we have to view resumes one by one?

You have to go through each and every candidate application one by one as a normal and standard recruitment procedure.

In the search field on the homepage, is it possible to have a drop down menu to search by country?

Yes, the option is  available. You need to set default location type as country and city from

wp-admin / jobs / settings / general options / location settings.

Is email notification sent to candidate for applying job or jobs applied?

Yes, email notification is sent to candidate for applying job or jobs applied.

Is it fully compatible with WP Jobs Manager and all its add-ons?

JobCareer theme includes our best seller plugin wp-jobhunt which includes all add-ons and options FREE of cost which you have to pay in WP Job Manager. You can see all options and comparisons here at following link; JOb HUnt Vs WP Job Manager

Is it possible for candidates to upload several pdf documents, for example of their diplomas, certificates and references?

No, it is not possible for candidates to upload several pdf documents. However, files can be uploaded to external server and links can be added.

Is it possible for people to rate and evaluate the Candidates?

No, we don’t have any rating system integrated  in theme for both candidates and employers.

Is it possible to add extra fields in the resume profile?

Currently we have one field for all. To add extra fields, you will have to do code customization at your own end.

Is it possible to add more custom fields for jobs and resume entries?

Yes, you may add custom fields for jobs, candidates and recruiters. But you will have to customize the theme code file to add in fields in resume.

Is it possible to ask refund if I do not use theme anymore?

You can file a Refund request by stating the reason. Refund Committee at Chimp Studio will see if you qualify for refund. Refunds are issued in case theme ’s advertised features and functionalities does not work for you at all.

Is it possible to download a job offer in a pdf-version or print it out directly from the site?

No, it is not possible to download a job offer in a pdf-version or print it out directly from the site.

Is it possible to export or manage the list of resumes to filter, and send a message? Any solution to export lists by csv?

No, currently this option is not available to export the lists and send a message

Is it possible to have two profiles with the same account for those who wants to be candidate as well as employer?

No, having two profiles with same account is not possible. You will have to create different logins for both

Is it possible to hide job-seeker contact through privacy settings?

No, there is no such option, you may need to customize theme to meet your need.

Is it possible to hide jobs and candidates from people who are not logged in? Something like restricted content?

Yes, Restriction has been built for Candidates. You can Show/hide candidates profile.

Is it possible to import my existing candidates’ data via Excel file?

No, right now, this functionality is not available in theme.

Is it possible to load files in job description (for better specification of job)

Yes, you can attach files in job description. You will have to upload description on some server and will have to provide link in job description.

Is it possible to search by candidate rather than job?

No, these options are not available.

Is it possible to update theme by one click via admin Dashboard?

Currently updates from WP-Admin is only possible using Envato toolkit, not by any other method available.

is JobCareer theme compatible with wp-multisite?

Yes, JobCareer theme is compatible with multi site.

Is there a way for the CV bank to only be accessed by employers that have bought a CV package?

Yes, it is possible. It will allow employers to view CV’s and candidate’s profile only when they will purchase a CV package.

Is there a way to import jobs from other job sites into this app?

All jobs are developed as a custom post type in your current website, if you import them on new site, yes, jobs will be imported but just names and description will be imported. No extra fields will be imported.

Is there an Employer login demo?

Yes, you can login from front end as an employer to check functionality. Simply open the demo and login as employer on sign in page.

Is there an opportunity for employers or candidate to add video to their profile?

No, there is no such option to upload video on opportunity for employer’s or candidate’s profile.

Is there an opportunity for employers to add a portfolio to their profile?

Yes, Employer can add their portfolio while maintaining their profile.

Is there option to upload image in job page?

No, Image uploading option at job page is not available. You may add it in WordPress rich text editor.

Is this theme properly view-able on a mobile device?

Yes, Theme is fully responsive and properly view-able on all kind of mobile devices.

Is Woocommerce used for ordering and paying the packages in this theme? If so, can I use my Mollie account to let customers pay via Ideal (a Dutch gateway)?

Yes, our theme supports Woocommerce for ordering or paying packages. If you do not use Woocommerce, we only advise recommended gateways with our theme for paying and ordering rather than other Payment gateways.

Is your theme available on another Market place? because Envato don’t receive payment without PayPal and Skrill, but I want to buy with Visa card?

No, Job Career theme is available on Envato Market place only. There is no other Marketplace where we are selling our product. You may contact Envato sales team, they might help you visa card purchase.

My site links are broken after moving WordPress site to another directory?

In order to move your WordPress site from one directory to another you must need to follow migration standards to work properly as while migrating permalinks and site link changes as a result you may face issues. Follow link to migrate to another directory.

On applied jobs in the dashboard, it links to the job details page. What happens to link when job is removed?

When job is removed, there is no link between job and detail page. It will be removed permanently.

User Registration is disabled; how can I change that?

Make sure that you have enabled membership options from WP-Admin / Settings / Any one can register.

What add-ons can be used in candidate’s page (complete your profile) and (Profile view).

Job Career theme include Job Career plugin that help your setup all functions as per live demo. You can use all Add-ons mentioned here;

Job Career Theme Add-Ons

What happens when a job listing expire? Can the recruiter repost it by paying again?

When a job ends or reach its deadline, it will go offline / hidden from front-end. To reactivate it, you will need to contact admin.

What is Child theme and how can I create it?

A child theme is how WordPress help you add custom code or customization to a “parent” theme without truly modifying parent theme. We suggest everyone use a child theme when setting up their site to avoid any potential loss while theme version update. Please follow the link given below, in this way you can create child theme & modify it as per your requirement.

What is meant by extended support?

The actual theme price is $49.00. The additional sum is to be paid for extended support. You may read support policies here at

What is the difference between transactions and packages in employer dashboard ?

Packages are added to make your ads featured whereas transactions are payments for those packages.

What plugins do I need to buy for 100% functionality of Job Career theme and make it same as your demo?

All plugins associated with theme features and functionalities are included in theme’s package. Once you buy and download the package from Themeforest, you would be all set to make your site like demo. There would be no need to purchase any paid plugin for it.

What should I do if I face any issue regarding JobCareer theme?

The greatest approach to ask your questions is to send via support forum. We have dedicated support department to help you with your issues that might arise concerning JobCareer theme. Please consider following suggestions if you face any issue regarding JobCareer theme. Your site has no server issue regarding your hosting service. You have tested by deactivating third party plugins that might not be the reason of conflict. Make sure you have latest version of Theme and (recommended plugins) in order to avoid any compatibility issue. You have sufficient backup of your site and database with you. Make sure you have gone through theme’s documentation thoroughly. You can find theme’s documentation with in theme’s folder that you had downloaded from theme forest. We have a huge knowledge-base to help you with basic theme setup, you can check knowledge-base on following link Jobcareer Knowledge-base . Moreover you can watch video tutorials as well, here is the the link to Videos Tutorials If still any issue persists you are welcome on Chimp studio support where you will get best possible solutions for your queries.

What to do to make my site translation in more than one languages / multilingual?

Use WPML plugin to make your site multilingual, Moreover see the documentation to understand how this work:

What to do when I get this notice while trying to upload the theme: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again” ?

This notice means that uploaded theme zip file is larger than max upload file size allowed in configuration of your server. It is advised to either increase that limit or upload the theme via ftp later activate from WordPress dashboard.

Whenever employer edit / update their jobs after posting, do they have to pay again?

Until job is not expired against your purchased package, there is no need of payment again on updating a job. Updating the job during given period will be FREE.

Where employer can find the details of packages while posting a job?

Employer can find packages detail on some specific page where admin added those packages using Packages’ element. Also, while an employer posts a job, he will see packages on check out.

Where i can add Ads Banners on my site?

Where i can add Ads Banners on my site?

  1. To add Ad banners on your site visit:
    Dashboard > Appearance > CS Theme Options > General > Ad Unit settings > Ad Banners by using style and type as per your requirement.
  2. Copy Ad’s Shortcode from Ads unit settings.
  3. Visit Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Use CS: ADs Banner widget

Where I can add custom css on my site?

There are several ways to add custom css to your site:

  1. Add custom css in Dashboard > Appearance > CS Theme Options > General > Custom Code
  2. Add custom css in style.css
  3. Create a child theme Create a child theme

Where I can change logo for my website?

Go to the Dashboard > Appearance > CS Theme options > General There you can upload logo as per your desire for your site.

Which payment gateways are supported by Job Career Theme?

Theme supports PayPal, Skrill, & Bank transfer as payment gateways. Also, it supports WooCommerce with which many payment gateway can be used.

Why I am facing error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. while uploading theme?

To avoid style sheet missing error, Upload only the theme files instead of the whole files that you downloaded from theme forest. First extract the downloaded package, locate theme zip file in it after extraction and upload that file. It will work fine for you.

Why I am not able to create another ticket?

By default system will allow you to create one ticket against single purchase code. You can place your queries in the same ticket.

Why sign up login does not work. It says; Wrong username or password?

Please make sure that the status of the user you are trying to login is approved and active by the admin.

To check so, navigate to wp-admin / users / {user name} edit / and set status to active and approved.

To set auto approval, navigate to wp-admin / jobs / settings / General Options / Others / Employer Candidate Auto approval.