Using the Help Center

Best Practices before you Contact Support

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1. Before reporting Errors and Bugs

  1. Ensure that WordPress,  your Theme and all Plugins are up to date.
  2. Try disabling all non JobCareer Theme related plugins. If this resolves the issue, please activate each plugin one by one to find out which plugin is causing troubles.
  3. Switch over to the default WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme. Are you still experiencing the same errors? If not then please Contact Us for further assistance as it is likely an error with the theme.

2. Search the HelpCenter

The answer to your question might already be in our Knowledge Base / articles. Be creative with your search terms and you can find an immediate solution to your question.

3. Be Specific

Rather than, “My theme is broken, please help”, explain the relevant facts involved in your issue. The more clear and concise your question is, the faster we will help. Sometimes screenshots can help show us the issue you are referring to.

4. Be Courteous

We understand the frustration caused by errors/bugs/issues, but we are on your side and are here to help. Please be polite, respectful, and considerate. Foul language will not be tolerated.

5. One Question at a time

We ask you to please write only one question at a time . It is much easier if we can focus on one question at a time to ensure we are providing the best possible support.

6. Link to Your Site

If your question are related to a specific site or page, please provide the direct link to the page in question.

7. Login Details

Often times we need to “see the error in action” by logging into the back end of the website. This hands-on approach enables our staff to provide you with the most timely and accurate response. Please share your login details to the same ticket thread without worrying about your privacy as you are on a private portal not a public portal. We take your privacy very seriously and all data is encrypted over 256 bit encryption.

8. Posting Code

Posting large chunks of code often makes a ticket difficult to read. Instead, we ask you to please paste your code using Pastie or something similar and submit it as a link in your post.