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Candidates Skill Set

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‘Candidate Skills Set’ feature lets employers be more accurate in their search for a perfect candidate match. It saves precious time and allows to delineate the exact required skills set in the potential employee. The comprehensive nature of this feature is to refine requirement of an employer. This feature covers a wide range of options for judging the suitability of a candidate according to your exact requirement and guess what is more exciting? You can also set percentages of your choice for any criteria to judge the candidates on.

For Admin

For setting up your requirements about a potential candidate, follow the path: Dashboard > Jobs > General Options > Candidate Skills Set You’ll see following options under the title Candidate Skills Set: You can add percentage values for these options as per requirements. Large percentage value will emphasize on the option under consideration (e.g. large values for Minimum Salary and Specialism means you will prefer a candidate with less expertise for a less amount of salary).

You can set different values for candidate skills percentage up-to 100% maximum. Hit ‘Save All Settings’ to save the settings. The candidate will see following screen after login where his skills percentage is showing.

For Candidate

On the above screen as you see that the current candidate skill percentage is 60%, the candidate will have to fill in more details to be eligible for applying to job. These options cover every aspect of candidate particulars to clarify his suitability for the job. After filling all the details, hit the ‘Update button’ to update and a message ‘Updated successfully’ will appear at the bottom right of the screen. But if the candidate is not suitable for the job according to the percentage calculated from his provided information, he’ll not be able to apply. Save your time and be more productive!