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CS Icons Manager

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Apart from icons available in the theme by default, you can use your own icon packs.

Go to Appearance / CS Icon Manager section. Click Upload new icons  button and upload your icon packs.

Generate custom icon font

Additional icon packs can be generated from your SVG files by using Icomoon service.

You can select free icons suggested in the app.

Or import your custom icon pack to IcoMoon service. The imported icons must be in SVG format.

Under Preferences enter name of your custom icon pack and class prefix. They must be the same.

Under CSS Selector choose ‘Use attribute selectors’ option.

When you are done, download your icon pack .

IMPORTANT NOTE: Multi-colored icons can’t be converted to icon font. Your icons must be one-colored.

Upload your icon pack via Appearance /CS  Icon Manager and wait until the page is refreshed automatically. The icon pack will appear in CS Icon Manager section.