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How Front-end submission works

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How to enable front-end submission?

JobCareer allow employers to post jobs from frontend, To configure it navigate: Jobs / Settings / General / Page Settings Enable Dashboard and front end submission by turning “User Header Login” button to “ON”.

Steps to Post a New Job from frontend

Step 1: Job Detail To post a job, click “post a new job” tab from the employer dashboard. Here you will find all specifications required to post job on your site.

  1. Enter Job’s title and description
  2. Select job Type and specialism
  3. Select values for all custom filed that could be: Salary, Qualification, Gender, experience etc.
  4. Add Location for your job, Location is usually of your employer’s address and click “Next Button”

Step 2: Payment and Packages Here you will find all details about payment packages for jobs that admin has configured. Select your desired package from the packages list and select “Featured Option” if you want your job as featured and Click “Post Job” button to post a job.

Green notification will appear after your job is successfully posted!