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How to add Google API Keys in JobCareer theme

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Google have changed his policies about showing Google maps on your site to acquire Google Map API key for Google Maps and AutoComplete Location feature. If you are getting following error in console.

Visit your Dashboard and add API key at following locations. 1. Dashboard / Jobs / Settings / API setting / Google / Google API key / Save

2. Dashboard / Appearance / CS theme Options / API settings / Add Google API key / Save

May try this API key: AIzaSyCpluMF–WqauCdpcrmYy94-RfC17QmPAs OR Create new Google API key from here: Generate Google API Key Click ‘Get Key’ button to create a new project.

Press ‘Create and Enable’ button to get Google API key. Put the key on above guided locations and all done!

Hope you like the article. 🙂