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How to Show listings and membership packages on page?

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Homevilla Real Estate theme offers users tremendous and attractive views to display their property properties. Different aesthetic views provide users a seamless browsing experience that definitely lure the attention. These views include Grid, medium, map etc that can be set easily from back end. Admin can add listings from backend. Navigate to :

Dashboard / Pages /Edit page

To show listing on front End first of all Add element of REM:Properties from Page builder and fill up details so that your property listings will show as you need.

After That Click on edit button on top right corner of page element for editing element options.


Element title: Enter Title of Element you want to show on front end.

Element Subtitle:  Enter subtitle.

Text Align : Select Text alignment from drop down.

Property Types: Select Property type from Drop Down.

View: Select your Property listings view.

Layout Switcher: Select your desired option from drop down.

Layout Switcher Views: Select your view for layout switcher.

Left Filters: Select option for left filters from drop down.

Left filters count: Select left filter count option from drop down.

Notifications Box : Select Notification option from drop down.

Draw on Map(URL) : Enter URL of draw on Map.

Sort By : Select option from drop down for sorting your listings .

Search Keyword Fields:  Select option from drop down for Search keyword fields of your listings.

Top Category : Select yes to show top category option on Front end.

Top Category Count  : Enter no of count you want to show.

Featured : Select All for all property listings and featured for only featured listings.

No.of Custom Fields: Enter no of custom fields.

Ads Switch : Select Yes to show Ad switch.

Price Filters : Select Yes to show Price Filters.

Open House Filters: Select Yes to show Open House filters.

Location: Select your location format.

Property Count: Enter no.of series for Property count.

Show More Property Button Switch : Select Yes to show More property button switch.

Pagination: Select Yes to show pagination.

Post Per Page: Select no of posts per page.

Sidebar: Select your sider bar from drop down.

Front End View:

On front your listings are appeared in List view like below and if you Select any other view listings will be appear as per view selected by user.

Membership packages:

To Select membership packages for single property from back end navigate to:

Dashboard / WP REM / Property Types / Packages (Select packages you want to show for Properties)

Now Add Your selected packages to single property from

Dashboard / WP REM /Properties / edit property /package info /Select membership