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How to setup custom fonts & Google Fonts

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In this article, you will learn how to setup theme font to your website using JobCareer theme. Why you need that is a good question to ask here. Every one might not be satisfied with the available list of fonts, though we have included a huge list but that’s not all. You can include font of your choice to job career theme. To set the fonts, you just need to go to

Dashboard >>  CS theme option >> Typography / Fonts you will find  these two options

1- Custom Font 2- Google Font 1- To add the Custom Fonts, make sure to have all 4 types of font files as shown in the screenshot.

2- To add the Google Font, you have to click on the button named Google Fonts, a dialog box will appear with the below mentioned sections. You can select the font family, font attribute, size, line height, text transform, letter spacing according to your own requirement.


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