Import Indeed Jobs

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Back-fill job board Search and include jobs automatically from Indeed. Indeed is a famous job board that already have a huge database. With JobCareer theme, you can import your indeed jobs to website. It is simple and easy to import indeed jobs with just on click. To import indeed jobs, first make sure you have indeed jobs add-on activated. You can confirm this by Navigating to wp-admin / plugins as show in following screenshot.

Now, Navigate to wp-admin / Jobs / You will see IMPORT INDEED JOB click on it.

Publisher id: Get publisher id from your indeed account and put it in the field here.

Keyword: Enter keyword for which you want to import jobs. e.g IT, Agriculture etc.

Country: Select country for imported jobs. Location: Add complete address of your location.

Job Type: Choose relative job type.

Sort By: Set sorting options via date or Relevance.

Start Import Jobs : Specify figures from where you want to start jobs . Example : 1 ?

No. of Jobs to Import (Maximum Limit 25) : Enter number of jobs to import. Default number of import jobs is 10. Maximum import jobs limit is 25. (This is the new policy of Indeed API that will only allow to import 25 jobs at once. (e.g 1-25, 26-50, 51-100 and so on…))

Expired On: Enter No. of days after which imported jobs will expire.

Posted By: Choose Employer to be assigned to imported jobs.

After filling all the details, click on import indeed job and wait for the success message. To see if your jobs are imported, navigate to wp-admin / jobs and you will see all your jobs listed with specialism as “Other” and category as Indeed. Note: We don’t import all the details from indeed, but some limited details with a link to “view more” which will take you to’s job detail page. See followings screenshot