Restaurant user Settings

How to register and Login Via Restaurant User

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Create Restaurant from frontend:

First of all you need to enable membership option from: Dashboard / Settings / General / Membership / Check Anyone can register.

To enable “Register Restaurant” button in menu navigate: Dashboard / Foodbakery settings / General Options / Header Button

Now Press “Register Restaurant” button to Sign up as restaurant user on Foodbakery site. Enter all required details and hit “Next” button to proceed to next step.

Select Package of your choice and click “Next” button to proceed.

Enter all payment details and click “Next” button to proceed.

Payment information lead you to check out page for payment. Choose payment gateway of your choice to done with payments and All done!

Create Restaurant from WordPress Admin Panel:

Create Publisher:

  1. First of all create a new publisher under Dashboard / Publisher / Add New Publisher
  2. Add all the info and set the Profile type as “Restaurant”
  3. Set profile status to “Active”
  4. click Publish

Create User:

  1. Now create a new User under Dashboard / Users / Add new
  2. Add all the info and set the role as “Foodbakery Publisher”
  3. Click “Add new User
  4. Now Edit the user and assign the publisher you created for it , Set User Type as Super Admin , Set Profile Status to Approved ,you can generate password for user here.
  5. Update user

Create Restaurant:

  1. Now create a new Restaurant under Dashboard / Foodbakery / Restaurants / Add new Restaurant
  2. Add all your Restaurant info
  3. Under Membership Info tab Under Restaurants options section add correct dates of Posted on,Expired on options.
  4. Set status to Active
  5. Select Publisher and User under Select Publisher and Select User options respectively.
  6. Click Publish. Done!