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How to Register/login via Member account?

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This article will explain how to enable registration on DirectoryBox Theme. Here are simple instructions to do that 

1- First, enable the membership option so that registration options should be visible on front-end from. You can do it here;

Dashboard/ Settings / General / Membership / Check anyone can register

Disable the Demo user by going to Admin dashboard/  WP DB / Settings / Advance settings / Demo user login -> OFF

2- Now, navigate to plugin settings to enable user login dashboard. You can do it here ;

Dashboard / WP DB / Settings / General options/ User login dashboard -> ON

Now click “Join Us” button from front-end to get registered on DirectoryBox site, SignUp email will be sent to you containing password.

Directory theme provides the option to Enable/Disable the User Auto Approval  for that navigate to 

Dashboard / WP DB / Settings / Account settings / User Auto Approval

User Auto Approval: If this switch set to ON new user will be auto approved. If switch is set to OFF admin will have to approve the new user.

If the user Auto Approval is OFF then admin have to activate the user account by going to Admin Dashboard / WP DB / Members /Account settings/ profile status