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How to setup Automatic Theme update for foodbakery Theme

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Foodbakery  theme offer flexible Auto update of your site that can be applied . Auto update allows you the ability to set Updates and Automatic Updates through Settings panel.

Dashboard / Appearance/ CS theme options/ Auto update.

 Theme auto update
  • Enter your market place user name.
  • Generate your site secrete key and add your secrete key in the text field.
  • Theme backup option enable /disable.

You can get your Secret API key  by simply login to your

Envato / Themeforest account,

Navigate to Settings then look for API keys as seen it below screenshot, and click on generate API key .

After configuring settings in auto update section, theme will automatically update when new update release without loosing any potential data. Don’t forget to re-invoke API key again if its not working previously.

It is always a good practice to maintain complete backup of your site to avoid any potential data loss while theme update!