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How to update homevillas theme and database automatically .

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Homevillas theme offers flexible Auto update of your theme and database that can be applied. The auto update allows you the ability to set Updates and Automatic Updates through Theme Settings.

Dashboard / Appearance/ CS theme options/ Auto update.

  1. Enter your marketplace username.
  2. Generate your site secret key and add your secret key in the text field.
  3. Theme backup option enable /disable.

You can get your Secret API key by simply login to your Envato account.

Envato / Theme Forest Account

Navigate to Settings then look for API keys as seen it below screenshot, and click on generate API key.

After configuring settings in auto update section, theme will automatically update when new update release without losing any potential data.

To update the database structure you have to click on run the update for automatic database update.

Enter your required details for the process.

  1.  Enter valid and accurate envato email address.
  2. Select your installed demo data.
  3. Click on upgrade button.