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Using Loco Translate Plugin for Theme Translation

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Loco Translate is the best plugin to translate WordPress themes and plugins directly in your WordPress dashboard.

The Loco Translate plugin is great for localizing WordPress themes and plugins. You will have following interface when you will click on loco-translate page containing list of all .po files loaded or theme / plugins that are translatable .   If you want to add new translation file, follow the arrow and you will find your self on the following page with following options; 1: List of languages to select for your translation 2: If you know your language code, add it directly but make sure that you add it in correct formate , e.g. es_ES ( for spanish). 3: Once you have selected your language, click on start translating .

You will see list of all strings from your theme. If you see a notice like “The pot file has been updated”. Then click on sync to get the latest strings and do your translation part. If you have added new strings in PHP file and want them to be available in the list, then you have to Sync: .pot file as showing on the first screenshot. Do the same process for .po file as well.

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