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What are property types in Real Estate theme?

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Have a specific item or a huge number of them? Real Estate Theme offers unlimited property types to manage your content in a hierarchy. Add as many as property type you want, assign them child categories and show them the way you like. Real Estate is a complete package for a perfect demonstration of property online.

Two types of property you can add from the backend as well as frontend.
1. For Sale
2. For Rent

Have a look on the backend settings of the property type Navigate the path:
WP REM > Property Types > Add Property Type.
Here are all configurations and settings against your property type.

General Settings:

Property Type Icon / Image:  Add your property type Icon or image for your property.
Small image : If you want to add small image add your image here.
Big image: If you want to add big image against your property type add your image here.
Map marker image: Add your map marker image.
Search Result page: Select your search result page for your property listing.
Opening Hour Time Laps ( In Minutes ): Add your opening hours here In numbers. (Only numbers are allowed).

– Categories:

Select Categories: Select property type category in your added listing categories.

Custom Fields:

Add your custom fields according to your property type.
Text Field: Use text fields in your property type.
Numbers: Use number fields for the price of the property.
Textarea: Use text area by using custom fields.
Dropdown: Use drop down the field for some specific options.
Date: Use date custom field to add the date in your property listing.
Email: Use email fields for get information.
URL: Use URL field where user can save their site URL’s
Range: Use range field to add range in your property listing type.
Section: Use section field to add your section in your property listing.


Show all Feature Options: If you turn on this option then all feature option will be show on property detail page with checked / un-checked value, but if you turned off this option then only checked feature options will be show at property detail page.
Add new Feature: You can add new feature for your property listing.

Single Page Options:

Property Price: Turn ON this button to show the price on the property type.
Price type: You can select your price type such as ” Variant” Or “Fixed”.
Minimum: Add your minimum property price.
Maximum: Add your maximum property price.
Min – Max Interval: This will be the interval for the minimum and maximum options on search filters. e.g( if you have entered the interval as “50” the options will be like 1-50-100-150 …. )
Open House: For open houses TURN ON and OFF this button.
Image Gallery: Add your image gallery in your property listing.
Social Sharing: To add social sharing buttons on your site turn ON and OFF.
Location/ Map: Enable or disable this button to add the map on your locations.
File Attachment Options: Enable or disable this button to files in your listings.
Allowed Types / Extensions: add your allowed file types and extension against your listing.
Floor plans Options: Enable or disable this button to add floor plan options on your listing.
Walk Score: Enable or disable this button to add Walk Score on your listing.
Near By Options: Enable or disable this button to add near by places on your listing.
Show More/Less Description: Add your description according to your listing requirements.
Description Length: Add your description length in words.
Views: Select your single listing view for your property.

Suggested Tags:

Select Tags: Add your tags for your listings.


Select Package: Select your package for your listing.