Can i add Yelp places for my Property Listings ?

Yes, You can Add Yelp places by configuring Yelp API from Back end.

Can I Attach Property documents for Listings ?

Yes , You can attach property documents in .docx or .pdf file.

Can I migrate my old theme with the Real Estate theme?

Yes, you can easily import your properties, images and data from any XML & CSV file to your new website using WP All Import plugin for Real Estate theme.

Can I Schedule Property View ?

Yes, You can arrange property view by just providing your details on Arrange view form.

Can i upload Bulk RealEstate Listings through .doc or .csv file?

No, RealEstate Listings bulk import is not available via .doc or .csv file.

Can MortGage Calculator calculates monthly installment of property?

Yes , You can calculate monthly installments of  Real Estate Listings  from Mortgage Calculator.

Can you help me to customize my theme?

We will be glad to help you if you are asking for some minor modifications like colors, fonts and modifications which only involves issuing few lines of code. However, if your customization requires an in-depth code development we invite you to contact our customization team directly for an assessment of the enhancement that you want to make to your website.

Can you recommend me Third party plugin for my needs?

There are billions of plugins in WordPress market having their own compatibility criteria’s, so it’s safe to use only tested and recommended plugins with the theme.

Custom Post Type 404 Error: Not found, not able to access detail pages?

You may be facing problems with 404 errors for custom post types while viewing detail pages. To resolve to try the following steps:
1. Check your permalinks from your WordPress settings and set them on the post name. As by default, according to the WordPress official standards permalinks must be on post name
Navigate Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > Post name.
2. Ensure that none of your Custom Post Types and single pages have the same name. If they do, rename the single page, including updating the slug as well.

Do you have any exact date for version upgrade?

No exact timeline for the arrival of new versions, as soon as any bug is reported, we release the new version. Also, functionality improvements / new features/compatibilities are released time to time.

Does Listings have Featured on Top option?

Yes, Top Category feature for Listings is included

Does Listings have social sharing option?

Yes, You can enable social sharing option from back-end to share  Real Estate Listings  on Social media.

Does Owner can set Off days for Property Scheduling?

Yes, Owner can set off days  from Agent account settings so that no one can schedule view of that property for those days.

Does Real Estate Theme have Visual Composer ?

No. Theme does not have Visual composer. Real Estate Theme comes with custom build drag & Drop CS page builder.

Does Real Estate Theme Theme have Custom search with Features?

Yes, you can search using different custom features for example garden,security etc.

Does this theme updates automatically?

Yes if you have configured auto update option in cs theme options then when ever theme has an update you will see a notification on your wp-admin dashboard. you will have to follow the instructions to update theme.
You can also get automatic updates using envato tool kit, all you need to do is configure its credentials and you will see a notice for update as well.

Does Walk Score feature include with Listings ?

Yes Walk Score feature is included and it is automatically calculated.

Facing php error while Uploading theme via ftp?

You may face this issue because of your FTP configurations, which had minified code. Please make sure the following before you upload your theme via FTP. Settings for FileZilla FTP client Click Edit >> Setting In settings pop up. Look for Transfers >> File types >> Auto will be selected. Change it to Binary After this setting upload your theme it will work for you.

How do I install a WordPress for real estate Theme.

If you are not able to install the WordPress for your theme so that follow the official WordPress Codex.


How do I install the Homevilla RealEstate Theme?

To Install the theme from your WordPress dashboard. Navigate Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes >> Add New Theme >> Upload Homevilla RealEstate Theme (.zip format)

How Do I Update Included recommended Plugins?

Real Estate Theme includes several great plugins which greatly enrich the functionality of the theme. While these plugins could be placed inside the theme it’s much better to keep them as separate plugins. However, this means that plugins will have to be updated separately from the theme update. Note: Always check Change Log while theme update, don’t forget to update plugins as well. If any!

How to locate My Current Theme Version?

It’s very important to keep your theme up to date for bug and security fixes and to receive new features. Always check the changelog to see if the latest version of the theme available for purchase/download. To find out what your current version is you can do so in your WordPress dashboard under Appearance > Themes.

I activated my new theme and it doesn’t look like the demo. What’s up with this??

Follow the steps to make your site same as our live demo
1. Theme installation
2. Plugin’s installation
3. Import demo data Navigate ( Appearance > import demo data).

I cannot find the dummy slider import in the theme package?

Don’t  worry about slider dummy data. When you will import theme’s dummy data, slider will be imported automatically.

I do not seem to locate the Documentation for the Theme. Where I can find Documentation?

Once you purchase theme and download it from your Themeforest account, you will find Documentation in the downloaded package.

I need new features, Can you help me?

To adding new features in your theme you can contact our Customization team, they will be more than glad to provide you with the counts and quotation as per your requirements.

Is it necessary to login to Post Listings?

Yes, Only registered Users can Post listings.

Is Real Estate theme compatible with wp-multisite?

Yes, Real Estate theme is compatible with multi site.

My site links are broken after moving WordPress site to another directory?

In order to move your WordPress site from one directory to another you must need to follow migration standards to work properly as while migrating permalinks and site link changes as a result you may face issues. Follow link to migrate to another directory.https://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

User Registration is disabled, how can I change that?

Make sure that you have enabled membership options from Dashboard / Settings / Any one can register.

What is Child theme and how can I create it?

A child theme is how WordPress help you add custom code or customization to a “parent” theme without truly modifying parent theme. We suggest everyone use a child theme when setting up their site to avoid any potential loss while theme version update. Please follow the link given below, in this way you can create child theme & modify it as per your requirement. https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes.

What is meant by extended support?

To extend your technical support you have to renew your support license again for the next six-month support after completion of the actual support time.

What version of PHP works the template?

Well you can use which ever version but it should not be older than 5.4. Suggested version of PHP is 5.5 or above to make the theme operations more smooth.

Why I am facing error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. while uploading theme?

To avoid style sheet missing error, Upload only the theme files instead of the whole files that you downloaded from theme forest. First extract the downloaded package, locate theme zip file in it after extraction and upload that file. It will work fine for you.

Why I am not able to create another ticket?

By default system will allow you to create one ticket against single purchase code. You can place your queries in the same ticket.

Would I need additional plugins?

All recommended plugins are included in the theme.