General configurations

How to configure Woocommerce payment gateways in Homevillas Theme?

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After installing and activating the Woocommerce plugin open its settings

General Settings

 General options

Select the base location

Select selling locations

Add the shipping locations

Enter default customer location (in case he doesn’t enter location)

Check mark if you want to enable tax calculations

Check mark if you want to enable site-wide store notice text

Save settings

Currency options

Select the currency in which you want to display your products

Choose the currency symbol position

Select separators

No op decimal spaces you want to display

Save changes


Add the shipping zones where you want to ship your products

Checkout settings


Checkout options

Check coupons if you want to enable the use of coupons

Enable checkout process if you want to enable guest checkout.

Select the checkout pages (You can also add terms and conditions page here)

Enter checkout endpoints

Save changes

BACS settings (Bank Transfer)

Tick the checkbox to enable bank transfer

Enter the title

Enter description

Enter instructions for customers

Add account details (i.e account name, number, bank name, sort code, IBN, BIC/Swift)

Save changes

Check payment

Tick the checkbox to enable check payement

Enter the title

The descriptions

And the instructions for payment

Save settings

Cash on delivery

Tick the checkbox to enable Cash On Delivery

Enter the title

The Description

Instructions for cash payment

Select the shipping methods

Save settings


Tick the checkbox to enable payment with paypal

Enter the title

The description

PayPal email address

Tick checkbox if you want payment with sandbox

Tick if you want to enable debog log.

Add receiver email

Enter Paypal identity token

Add prefix for invoices

Select payment action

Save settings

Accounts settings

Select my account page

Select Endpoints to handle specific actions on the accounts pages.

Enter MY account endpoints (i.e orders, view orders, downloads, Edit account,addresses, Payement Methods, Lost password, Logout )

Save settings

Emails settings

Email notifications

Use these settings to setup the notifications via email

New orders (i.e enable or disable email notification, Recepent email, Subject, Email heading, Email type)

Cancelled order

Failed order

Order on-hold

Processing order

Completed order

Refund order

Customer invoice

Customer note

Reset password

New account

Email Sender options

Enter text for “Name” and “address” field

Email Template

Select colors for base, background etc

Save settings

API settings

You can add keys and webhooks here

Tick checkbox to enable REST API.

Save settings.