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How to enable and use Draw on Map functionality in WP Real Estate theme?

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Google map have extended search functionality, yet many WordPress users feel more comfortable with the draw on the map feature. There feature is part of Home Villa theme search where the user can manually draw lines on the map, all ads/properties in that area show up as a result. It makes the search very interactive and user-friendly, not really leaving it to typing the exact locations or Google to fetch results.

To enable all the map tool options from your admin in Real Estate Settings by navigating the path:

WP REM Settings / Location Settings / Enable drawing tools

How to draw on map from frontend?

First Enable all Settings from your admin penal location settings after enabling map drawing tools from your backend you will find the drawing tool icon from your front end.

Step 1:

Click on the drawing tool from the front end map.

Step 2:

By drag and drop select your area.