WordPress CMS

Why pay us to do something you can do yourself?

A CMS (content management system) allows you (and any other authorized persons) to log into your website and make changes to the content.

Creating and updating your content regularly keeps visitors interested and encourages people to return to your site. It also allows you to keep your audience up to date with your latest news, prices, blogs, products, photos and much more.

For the majority of our new website projects we use WordPress as a CMS. WordPress is the industry leading content management system which performs well in the search engines and is very easy to use.

No technical knowledge is required to use the system. All content will be automatically formatted so that it is in keeping with the website design, meaning you don’t have to worry about picking the right fonts and colours. Although WordPress is easy to use we will give you a full breakdown of all the features and how the system works.

Best of all, there are no ongoing charges for using a CMS. You can make unlimited amends for no extra fee.

There may be some instances where WordPress is not suitable. Don’t worry; we can create a custom CMS to meet your exact needs.