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Media attachments Failed to import. What to do?

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“Unable to import WP Content ( posts, pages, etc. ) and media attachments”

If you are encountering content or media import failure error during demo data installation, For that please follow following suggestions and recommendations to get it resolved.

upload_max_filesize = min 128M
post_max_size = min 128M 
max_input_time above 300
max_input_vars above 5000
allow_url_fopen= on

If media images failed to import, please check permissions with the media/uploads folders and files. Login to cpanel/FTP / Public html / wp-content / Uploads (Here permissions should be 755 for all folders and Inner files) than it will import media fine.

Important Note !  No firewall or strict permissions/cache on server to avoid any kind of hindrance.

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